Business growth to match user growth

Something wasn't adding up. Based on TikTok's unreal success, businesses should have been flooding in to partner up as advertisers...
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With an audience of over one billion active users and a consolidated spot as the #1 most downloaded app on mobile phones, TikTok is a massive player.

When TikTok launched its advertising platform—TikTok for Business—the goals was simple: to onboard big advertisers onto the platform as quickly as possible, and make them feel at home. TikTok collaborated with Double in the creation of creative content, attractive landing pages, and educational lead captures across multiple campaigns.

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Execution at breakneck speed. That’s the only common denominator for the various scopes of work we executed for TikTok. The TikTok team knew they could rely on fast turnaround and technical expertise to resolve whatever pesky challenges they bumped into on the road to social dominance.

Whether it was in helping resolve technical DNS issues to streamline email sender reputation or creating eye-popping animated GIFs, we always knew that speed was of the essence.

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The outspoken TikTok brand is in an insatiable need of flashy, outspoken creative and content. Whether it’s on social media, for physical events or in their email marketing to advertisers... everything needs to be colorful, outspoken and on-brand. Over the years, we’ve helped TikTok create everything from email marketing creatives and landing page templates to PDF guides and animated GIFs, and anything in between.

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Not all agencies are up for the speed of execution that’s needed to keep TikTok HQ happy and humming along. We always worked under tight deadlines to create the best creative solutions we could, whilst always pushing for activation and conversions.






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