Light sparring, heavy strategy

With success in Europe, as a legal partner for startups, Sparring turned to Double for the next chapter in their growth; the US market.
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Sparring has product market fit in Europe. Their clients love the modern approach to communications and affordable pricing via subscriptions & Slack.

However, Sparring knew the US audience would be different, so how should they adapt to a completely new region? Could they run ads with a slightly different tone of voice or would it require a bigger change?

Adapting to the US
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Sparring’s growth in Europe was largely due to their connections in the start-up community. Our strategy was simple, build a network in the US. Rather than diversify, which often feels like a safer option, focussing attention on fewer activities will produce better results over a shorter period of time.

So instead of content marketing or performance advertising, we optimised their networking materials. We sense checked the proposition and adapted the messaging for a US audience.


We organised the project into 5 weekly sprints and tackled topics such as; cultural differences specific to their market, localisation, the value proposition and key messaging. Each week was finished with a 60 minute handover session.


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