More than just a spark

Plant pathogens are a growers nightmare and getting your crops tested takes precious time. But not anymore; SparkRadar is a Rapid on-site detection that can be operated by the growers; saving time and money.


Like most brands getting started, SparkRadar wanted something that would show professionalism and build trust with their audience. They'd created their own logo but struggled to convey the brand they truly wanted.

The existing identity was "ticking all the boxes" but it lacked refinement– so we fixed that.

Brand identity
Clear and exciting
Documentation design
Persuasive and effective


There were three milestones to this design identity; logo, colour palette and  imagery.

The logo consists of an icon (image within a logo) and a wordmark (the words in a logo), of which both can be used independently or together. A bolder typeface and rounded corners means this new solution is far at better at being scaled up and down.

We kept the contrast of orange and green from the original logo, but gave them an injection of energy by way of more saturation and brightness. The impact as a whole is a design that commands attention and provides a platform for sharing more information.

Glowforge Digital Ad Example 1
Glowforge Digital Ad Example 2
Glowforge Digital Ad Example 3
Glowforge Digital Ad Example 4

With a design that was built on a "system" approach, SparkRadar is now able to use their brand across other assets like packaging, presentations, social posts and more. To make the application even smoother Double provided a step by step brand guide.


From exploration to execution this has to be one of the fastest projects we've ever had at Double. We redesigned the SparkRadar brand in record time, showing that branding doesn't have to be slow and expensive.


Weeks; from start to finish.