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Payhawk is a unicorn established in 16 countries. As most high-growth startups know, international expansion comes with its own set of challenges. Strategies effective in other countries didn't always work in the Dutch market.
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The local Payhawk team asked us to help unlock a new winning channel. The objective? To generate a more predictable stream of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). With channels such as events and PR already in place, we explored paid advertising platforms.

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To help Payhawk generate quality MQLs, we crafted paid ad campaigns on Youtube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our strategy was two-fold: first, to reduce the average Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), and secondly, to improve conversion rate further down the funnel. 

We created a first set of mid-length video ads, later supplemented with still ads, shorts and animations. From there we worked on bottom-of-funnel improvements like optimised landing pages and improved lead captures.

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Payhawk is a B2B SaaS company. Their main customers include large(r) FinTech, automotive, and logistics companies. Their ideal customer had more than 10 employees.

This type of B2B buyer typically implies longer sales cycles involving multiple decision makers. This meant we had to revisit the sales funnel and add a few intermediary steps.

Hence, we adapted Payhawk’s messaging to match the level of intent at each buyer stage. With our ad creatives, we managed to test various messaging and find which message to double-down on. To avoid skewed results, we tested one message at a time. 

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End score? We generated a healthy pipeline of MQLs, as well as countless creatives for future campaigns. To be used in Dutch or global campaigns.


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