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What started as a discussion about retention and revenue models, turned into a comprehensive strategy engagement to scale InsideTracker’s already-impressive marketing machine to unlock new segments and dominate a market.
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With enthusiastic endorsements from the likes of Tim Ferriss, Andrew Huberman, Joe Rogan, Lex Fridman and David Sinclair, InsideTracker was able to position itself as one of the leading voices for measuring the body to optimise health and longevity.

When InsideTracker contacted Double, they had already demonstrated strong product traction, and a proven record of working with the world’s largest and most influential podcasters and speakers.

But they wanted more. They wanted their product to become integrated into the fabric of “normal” healthcare, and become as common as going for a dental check-up.

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For InsideTracker, we split our work into two distinct parts: strategic consulting with senior management on the one hand (audience definition, retention strategy, strategic updates), and support in operational execution on the other hand.

Even though we operated mostly across a 6-hour timezone difference, the integration within their team was easy. Double consultants were able to provide support on anything from technical matters like the GA4 migration, to creative concepting and campaign design, and operational optimisations across all distribution channels.

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InsideTracker got its initial traction from a focus on athletes and top performers. While these provided a good entry, these people typically already have very healthy biomarkers, and therefore tended to churn rather quickly.After a combination of creative conjecture and extended number crunching, we helped InsideTracker drive a pivot focused on older demographics that want to optimise their healthspan and longevity.

Although we helped InsideTracker’s internal team make optimisation on a variety of channels, we particularly dove into the “Pro” program that promotes the product via professional nutritionists, dieticians and coaches.

Together with the internal team, we’re turning Pro into a major driver of revenue.

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As outsiders to the business, we had a lot of ideas for creative campaigns and novel angles. Double consultants helped craft new creatives across channels, optimise landing pages, and refresh copy.Going after new audiences means finding new ways to tell a new story, too!


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