Crossing the Atlantic into a new market

Already a major player in the US, Glowforge, was ready to expand to the UK and Europe. Building awareness and trust with these new audiences was the key to this transition.
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Glowforge is one of the world's largest crowdfunded products ever, earning $28,000,000 in support for their 3D laser printer. Fast-forward from 2015 to 2021, and Glowforge is being used by thousands of people across the US.

This success has been thanks to a great product but also a keen focus on community. You only have to Google “Glowforge” to witness a welcoming wave of supportive makers.

So when Glowforge decided to cross the Atlantic and launch their product in the UK, they had one main marketing problem – how can we extend that community to an audience on a different continent?

Adapting to the UK
Top of funnel ads
Lead nurturing
Persuasive and patient
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Our strategy was simple; take the best parts of the US growth marketing strategy and make them work for a British audience. This means adapting the tone of voice but also adapting the lead gen process to a culturally different consumer.

Since buying a Glowforge is an investment, the buying process takes time and consideration. So, we employed tactics that would maintain leads at a low cost as well as nurture them towards purchase. This involves crafting several persona-based email series to speak more directly to each target audience, as well as persona-centric ads.

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Glowforge were using lead nurturing to guide their audience towards purchasing. We diversified this approach with new email copy, downloadable content and 1:1 digital demos. The result was a steady stream of leads moving closer to a purchase.


We ran more than 150+ different copy and creative combinations. Thanks to the imaginative Glowforge users, we had access to a huge variety of user-generated content as well as branded assets. The result was a long list of learnings and revenue.





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