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There's a stigma that property auctions are only for distressed and repossessed properties – that's simply not true. Concierge Auctions has set out to prove that selling your luxury home via auction is  might be the best decision you ever make.
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Concierge Auctions was established in 2008 and since then they've become the world's leader, breaking barriers and setting records. From selling America's largest and most expensive home, to running more luxury property auctions than anyone else.

Effectively; if you know anything about luxury real estate, then you know about Concierge Auctions (CA). However the perception for some; is that it's a high risk option, whilst the reality is that listing and waiting is more harmful to the sale price. CA knows this well, their longitudinal research consistently shows that sitting on the market is costly.

Therefore our goal was simple; to change perceptions and push growth even further, and it started with strategy.

Key messaging
Improved articulation
Pains and objections
Digital design
Subtle upgrades
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We can't show you the inner workings of how CA's strategy but what we can say is that each property comes with a variety of different stakeholders with entirely different and often conflicting needs. The key to success is balancing these characters and using different messaging.

The process began with defining new personas and using them to inform our key messages

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InsideTracker got its initial traction from a focus on athletes and top performers. While these provided a good entry, these people typically already have very healthy biomarkers, and therefore tended to churn rather quickly.After a combination of creative conjecture and extended number crunching, we helped InsideTracker drive a pivot focused on older demographics that want to optimise their healthspan and longevity.

Although we helped InsideTracker’s internal team make optimisation on a variety of channels, we particularly dove into the “Pro” program that promotes the product via professional nutritionists, dieticians and coaches.

Together with the internal team, we’re turning Pro into a major driver of revenue.


As outsiders to the business, we had a lot of ideas for creative campaigns and novel angles. Double consultants helped craft new creatives across channels, optimise landing pages, and refresh copy.Going after new audiences means finding new ways to tell a new story, too!


Iterations & experiments


Different channels


New audience

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