Launching a new Swiss bank

Since the very early days, Alpian has worked with Double to develop and shape their growth marketing and customer acquisition strategies to reach their affluent audience.
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The banking sector in Switzerland is formidable – it boasts some of the most established private banks in the world. But a private banking legacy comes with exclusivity and exclusion. Alpian has set out to change that.

Their goal is to make personalised banking more accessible. This comes with a whole range of issues. How do you introduce private services to an audience that hasn't even considered changing their bank? How do you show them there's a better approach to wealth?

We’ve been a long-term partner of Alpian from an early stage, delivering a variety of projects across the marketing mix. Showing the people of Switzerland there's a wealth beyond money.

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Building Alpian’s audience from scratch required several key components. The brand and message needed to be clarified and reinforced across all channels to attract the right people - leaving potential customers in no doubt about the services Alpian provides.

To do this effectively, it was imperative that the website was fine-tuned to capture the essence of the company, and powerful written and video content needed to be created to reinforce it. Once all of this was in place, paid ads and clever product marketing was crucial to capture Alpian’s target audience.

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"I enjoyed working with all of the Double team members, and we have been able to build a system of trust and understanding. They are very reliable, reactive and diligent. Strategic growth hackers understanding the craft. Thanks guys for the great collaboration and partnership."
Roman Balzan Chief Marketing Officer

Roman Balzan

Chief Marketing Officer


Alpian is growing each day and we're looking forward to seeing the next phase.





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